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Helping farmers track harvest and get paid faster

Digital Solutions Should be Simple

NTRAC modernizes your harvest workflow without adding complexity and unnecessary software. It is an intuitive tool developed by people who have been in your shoes at harvest time that solves the specific challenges of handwritten, decentralized tracking and recording of harvest yields and counterparty contracts. NTRAC knows that you want to manage your harvest risk, not taken on administrative risk with a bloated overly technical software program. Learn More About Features >

About the Founder

Travis Wenstrom

Travis Wenstrom

Creator and Founder

  • Grew up on 5,000-acre corn, soybean, and wheat farm in Western Kansas; family owned for close to 100 years.
  • Studied economics at University of Chicago, spent the majority of career in trading and risk management in global equities and derivatives at Goldman Sachs International in London.
  • Personally invested in first circle of farmland in 1998, and spent the last five years more actively involved in the day to day farm operations for the family farm
  • Two years ago, began developing an idea for targeting one of the principal obstacles to efficiency across farms (and hasn’t changed in over 30 years) – yield management in the supply chain.

“It’s my core belief that the farmer should be regarded and engaged as the ultimate customer for agricultural market efficiency in order to truly transform the industry”