NTRAC is a Digital Harvest Management Tool for Farmers


NTRAC Helps You and Your Farm

Digital Tickets and Wireless Printing

Enter production load details once, reduce entry error, and track harvest data

Centralize Contract Management

Enter delivery contract agreement details while managing all contracts in a single platform

Mobile Access and Seamless Device Syncing

Access and sync data in the field or back at the office and define each user’s data view

Real Time Inventory and Bushel Transfer

Customizable Reports on Production


Fast, Digital Reconciliation with Returned Payload Tickets

Reconcile your NTRAC digital tickets with counterparty records


Made with ease of use in mind

Flexible access specifications to simplify role management. Available on desktop and a mobile app.

Current Commodities on NTRAC: Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, and Milo/Sorghum. More Commodities Coming Soon!